Hot enough for Boxer Shorts

Summer is finally here and it’s just too hot to lounge around the house wearing jammies and a t-shirt or tank top.  So last week when we went shopping at Tanger Outlets in Riverhead, I shopped around for boxer shorts.  I picked up 2 at GAP and 4 over at Banana Republic.  I tried to make sure I got prints which were distinctly feminine so that it doesn’t get mixed up with Alan’s. 

While the heat back in Manila is still something else, it can get almost the same here in New York where temperatures can reach the lower hundreds.  Right now we haven’t peaked beyond the 90s, but you definitely feel summer is here.  The big difference is how summer nights here in New York can still get rather chilly — not exactly jacket weather, but enough for you to want to throw a wrap around your shoulders.

And then there is the rain which can get really nasty — coupled with the wind which can really be deadly on umbrellas.  (Broken umbrellas in the trash bins in Manhattan are a common sight — think about the rain and wind coupled with the tall buildings which only add to the strength of the wind flow.)  I remember how my Mom told me she was surprised that there was flooding here, too — yes, we do get that, not as bad as back in Manila, but yes, we do have them here.