Downloading THE BUZZ

Okay, I’m going to ‘fess up and admit that yes, I try to stay in touch with the local chismis and showbiz intriga in Manila by subscribing to ABS-CNB Now.  It’s been agonizingly slow and I can’t help but wonder if their survey on providing better quality video for a higher monthly subcription rate has anything to do with this.  (See, slow down the regular subscription — force everyone to move up to the higher and supposedly better quality feed.. hmmmm…)  Fortunately, Alan and I are not that into it that we have not even mulled about subscribing to TFC.  Before we commit suicide by doing that, we’d rather do Direct TV or Tivo.

Meanwhile, I take back what I said about the Americans not having discovered our Bocaue firecrackers because there have been a few super strong blasts that have set off car alarms — and I’m going to pounce on anyone who blows one and wakes up Angel.  (Although I really need to wake him up so we can go make pasyal this afternoon..) 

The highways are reportedly clear — people are wherever they want to be, but tonight will probably be hell considering everyone will be heading for home.  As I said, we’ve decided to chill out… that’s why I’m downloading THE BUZZ.

Feedback: on Gloriagate

From my new web pal, Lani:

I’m so happy to see your blogsite again. And thank you din sa pagpopost ng reply sa iyo, ngayon alam ko na ang bandwidth exceeded ek-ek na iyan.

As usual, life here is really miserable. With all the pa-awa effect of GMA, lalo lang gumugulo and at the same time the implementation of the E-VAT (fortunately, may TRO kaya last Friday night nasuspend). Ang VAT kasi ay pass-on tax so iyong mga consumers ang talagang tatamaan. Kasama sa E-VAT ngayon ang electricity, fuel, processed goods, professional services, and toll fees. Kainis nga itong isang padunong effect na politician dito na hindi naman daw kasali sa E-VAT ang fresh produce like veggies and fruits and pati na rin poultry, fish, pork, etc. so hindi naman daw tataas ang prices ng mga said products. Parang hindi nag-iisip iyon, siempre once na tumaas ang cost sa electricity and transportation lahat iyan afectado. OO nga pala, alam mo ba na taas na rin ng pamasahe dito P7.50 na yung dating P5.50, that’s for the first 4 kilometers, every additional kilometer dagdag ng P1.25.

Actually, dilemma kami dito ngayon. If ever maalis si GMA, sino ang papalit si Noli (oh my gosh). Ang gulo talaga, parang ang hirap mag-isip. Alam mo naman tayong mga pinoy, very flexible at sabi nga sa isang study na ginawa isa daw sa mga masasayang tao sa earth (lol) ang mga pinoy. Kaya lahat tiis, tanggap na lang ng tanggap wala kasing mga alternatives.

I don’t want to burden you with my sentiments, kwento lang ito from your loving kababayan. Although, bad news hindi good.

Keep smiling and always take care. I’ll pray for your sister. Don’t worry too much. Remember that God is always there for us.

My response:  First of all, thanks for the prayers, Lani.  My sister’s holding up but she will have to go home soon.  (Probably the 15th of the month?)  Meanwhile, my Mom isn’t sure when she can come back just yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed she’ll finally accept her doctors’ prognosis that much of her illnesses are really just run-of-the-mill ailments of people in their 60s.  (She gets so dismayed when they tell her they can’t find anything wrong with her!)

Alan and I have been trying to keep abreast of the situation there back home and I know that the frustration level is high and there are speculations about what that frustration will make the people do.  Even if I’m 10,000 miles away, I’m incensed by the way Gloria thought an apology would be enough and the people will just forget it.  I guess that’s damage control for you — but Filipinos are a very sentimental lot. They may forgive, but they will not easily forget.

We’re waiting to see what happens next.. as they would say.. abangan!

Another After Midnight Post

I’d normally be sound asleep at this time of the night on any other week — but it’s Sunday evening (actually Monday AM) on the 4th of July weekend, and so I find no sense of urgency in hitting the sack early.  1:02 according to my laptop, and someone just set off a batch of firecrackers.  Thank God that the Americans have not discovered the magic and firepower of our Bocaue, otherwise, you’d hear an endless stream of powerful blasts and the never-ending sawa which would probably be named the Anaconda here. LOL

It was a nice Sunday.. the sister and I watched WAR OF THE WORLDS.  (I like it, my sister felt it was too “exhausting” an experience and I must say she has a point there..)  Afterwards, we headed off to the city and found ourselves at South Street Seaport (my old stomping grounds way back in my Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation days) —  a stone’s throw away from Wall Street (oh, it was actually ON Wall Street) and a hop, skip and a jump away from the World Trade Center site.

We had fun bringing Angel along after the movie, then we had dinner at Dragonfly, an Asian cuisine (Filipino / Thai / Chinese / Indian) restaurant in downtown.  By the time we got home it was 9PM, the sun had set and Angel was pooped!

I decided to run the dishwasher again (after being unused for ages!) and fix my stash in there.  Too many Gerber plastic tubs and bottles (some of which I got rid off for lack of space) and my pantry shelves need reorganizing to maximize space.  I finally finished washing Angel’s feeding bottles and putting the sterilizer in the microwave at a few minutes before 1AM.. then I picked up the laptop and here I am..

I took a few shots of the landscape but I am afraid to add any more graphics to this blog because last I checked, I had used up 36 of my 250MG bandwidth limit for the month.  Hmmm.. at the rate I’m going, I might be offline again 10 days before the month is up and that leaves me worried again because I hate being out of the web!

Options.. start a blog elsewhere which offer higher bandwidth limits (which will probably be for pay..), transfer this blog to my website (and yes, I finally acquired the domain name!)  — but that would mean reformatting everything again.  Or maybe just sit it out and wait for the system here at to allow me to upgrade.  (I e-mailed and inquired about upgrading and he said even if I managed to successfully sign up for the paid blog subscription, I still wouldn’t be able to upgrade just yet, and that makes me think it’s not a good time to go that route then.)


Just when I was enjoying doing blog post after blog post.  (Much to the detriment of my website.. I finally popped in there again and did some edits when Leenleen e-mailed me about bumping into it when she searched for my blog when it was out of commission..)  The thought now makes me feel sooo sleepy, time to go and get some sleep.. til later.