Somebody forgot to remind me there will be work waiting..

Back to the office on a Wednesday morning — I came in on time but the boss was already in a meeting and didn’t see it.  (Drats!)

Of course I had some issues to deal with and for the first hour or so, I felt overwhelmed.  You can see that the panic has died down because I’m here posting again.  I’ll keep this short because I have major catching up to do — at least it’s a short week.. before we know it, it’s the weekend again!

Back to the old grind

So we just had a 4-day weekend, thanks to the extra day Alan and I took to make it a really long one for us.  It gave us a chance to get some vacuuming done but we had to forego the steamcleaning.  (Saving that for another easy weekend.)

We spent the day with Angel hogging our time for attention but no one was complaining.  Lunch was at 5PM (!) because we had brunch and then got busy (with me and Angel taking nap.. LOL)  It was a productive day, I believe, so I’m not complaining.  For some reason, I don’t feel like it was “bitin”.

I’m surfing ebay philippines to scope the offerings and see what Nikky (my brother) and I can pull together to earn a few bucks and how we can make it work with me here on the East Coast, and him and the buyers being in Manila.  (Just need to get the right goods..)

I was struck by how there were a handful of posts about Old Navy flipflops in some of the teen blogs I read, and at first all I could ask was what it was all about considering we don’t really make much of these flip flops.. and oh yes, Abercrombie calls them Flaps.. (I didn’t even know that.)  It’s the enterprising me again.. who knows, right?  It might become a good sideline for Nikky..

Meanwhile, Alan and I are trying to figure our childcare arrangements in the next couple of weeks.  It doesn’t look like Mom is coming anytime soon.. hopefully by August, and not necessarily after her next grandchild comes out into this world.  (Keeping my fingers crossed..)  She’s still having some health challenges which will hopefully not be anything bad.. (Crossing my fingers again..)  All I can really do is hope for the best long distance.  10,000 miles is 10,000 miles.  I miss Mom.

Having her here the past year really grounded me as far as my first time foray into motherhood was concerned.  I don’t know what I would have done without her here.  At the very least, she saved me from Post Partum Depression — and not just because she was here to help with caring for Angel, but she was here as MY Mom.

Time to get ready for the morning again.  The coffeemaker is set to start brewing at 6:10AM, and I will try to get myself and Angel into his playpen and having breakfast at 6:20 the latest.  Breakfast will be fast tomorrow because I have some ensaymada — so no sandwich for Alan.  (Yipee!)  Our guest doesn’t arrive until Thursday evening, so the only breakfast rush dilemma I have to worry about is Friday.  It’s a choice between bagels and coffee or bacon and eggs and rice.. (I will decide the morning of — depending on how early I get Angel done with breakfast. 

I’m keeping my fingers crossed all hell didn’t break loose at work this one day I took a day off.. I don’t think so, nobody called my cellphone which is a first.. LOL..