Vacillating after a long Monday

I know it has been a long day when I end an otherwise easy morning with a throbbing pain in my head.  It’s quarter to six and I’m still trying to find out where an important document which was reportedly delivered to us by messenger is (boss needs it for an 8:30 AM meeting tomorrow!) — I’ve just about wrapped up the things I need to have her bring home with her, and I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a “lighter” if not “easier”day.  Alan is waiting for a call to confirm he can get me here and while I was all agog about doing the grocery tonight, I am having second thoughts about it because I don’t feel like I have the energy to process a meal plan for the week ahead in my head as I usually do when we do the grocery.

But we have to do what we have to do.  I can always postpone it but then might as well do it today because Alan is fetching me and we have the car.. I don’t want to have to pick up odds and ends from the grocery during the week.  (Let me make up my mind once I’m in the car.)

Time to sign off and get my stuff ready to leave.  Dinner, thankfully, is a replay of the meatloaf this noon from Boston Market.. at least I don’t have to worry about that at all.  Just have a dozen other things to do.  It never ends, but that’s life in New York for you!


Feedback: On returning to the web from Lani

On July 3, Lani wrote:

I’m so happy to see your blogsite again. And thank you din sa pagpopost ng reply sa iyo, ngayon alam ko na ang bandwidth exceeded ek-ek na iyan.

As usual, life here is really miserable. With all the pa-awa effect of GMA, lalo lang gumugulo and at the same time the implementation of the E-VAT (fortunately, may TRO kaya last Friday night nasuspend). Ang VAT kasi ay pass-on tax so iyong mga consumers ang talagang tatamaan. Kasama sa E-VAT ngayon ang electricity, fuel, processed goods, professional services, and toll fees. Kainis nga itong isang padunong effect na politician dito na hindi naman daw kasali sa E-VAT ang fresh produce like veggies and fruits and pati na rin poultry, fish, pork, etc. so hindi naman daw tataas ang prices ng mga said products. Parang hindi nag-iisip iyon, siempre once na tumaas ang cost sa electricity and transportation lahat iyan afectado. OO nga pala, alam mo ba na taas na rin ng pamasahe dito P7.50 na yung dating P5.50, that’s for the first 4 kilometers, every additional kilometer dagdag ng P1.25.

Actually, dilemma kami dito ngayon. If ever maalis si GMA, sino ang papalit si Noli (oh my gosh). Ang gulo talaga, parang ang hirap mag-isip. Alam mo naman tayong mga pinoy, very flexible at sabi nga sa isang study na ginawa isa daw sa mga masasayang tao sa earth (lol) ang mga pinoy. Kaya lahat tiis, tanggap na lang ng tanggap wala kasing mga alternatives.

I don’t want to burden you with my sentiments, kwento lang ito from your loving kababayan. Although, bad news hindi good.

Keep smiling and always take care. I’ll pray for your sister. Don’t worry too much. Remember that God is always there for us.

My response:  I am so tempted to react to what’s happening back home but things are moving much too fast that I’m afraid to speak out of turn.

We are trying to book my sister and it is almost sure that she will be home in time for our niece’s 5th birthday on the 22nd.  It’s just a question of when exactly.  It saddening and yet quite a relief that she is going home because then she will be able to address her health issues firsthand.  That is the most important thing for me right now.  So far, her stomach has not been acting up.  She’s held up very well. 

Alan and I are both trying to keep tabs with what’s happening there where you are — and we can only shake our head in disbelief.  It seems to be gathering momentum but like you, we are afraid to think of where it might lead.  Well, the Filipino people have always prevailed.  No matter how tough things have gotten, we have always managed to survive as a people.

I refuse to bash the Filipino as others are wont to blame our plight as a people on all these things that we have done, failed to do or continue to do.  It’s a very trying time for all, and the last thing we need is someone to ride the bandwagon and start pointing fingers.  Someone has to start doing something.


Greeting a new week ahead

Monday again in a few minutes.. I’m heading off for work in a few hours.  Angel is asleep next to me and Alan and I are both on our laptops.  I have at least five topics I want to write about but at this point, I don’t have the energy nor the inspiration to go beyond thinking about writing them sometime in the coming days.

I feel like I had gone to so many places and done a hundred and one things this past couple of days.  A lot of them made me feel good — little deeds that were not exactly out of character but which made me feel like some sort of Santa.

I always like to think if it doesn’t hurt me and if it doesn’t cost me a thing, a good deed is worth giving it the effort.  Not that I expect to be personally blessed, but that I hope that should any of my loved ones ever need help at some point and since they are 10,000 miles from where I am, that they, too, be blessed with their own Santa.

Yesterday, on the way home, we caught a glimpse of a beautiful rainbow just as we entered our community.  God’s promise of hope and his covenant with his people. To me it was a thing of beauty, a simple reminder that He is there with us.  So I go into another week with that in mind..