Feedback Roll

Some recent postings on my blog posts:

Feedback on GREETING A NEW WEEK AHEAD from A. Helper:

Remember God is also where the snot mixes with dirt, and it is by His Grace dirt and snot should mix.

My response: AMEN.

There are a few things which I consider very personal and one of them is my personal Faith.  What else can I say?  So true.. so true..

Feedback on CHOICES from Demi:

Alam mo, mahal na mahal talaga kita =)

My response:  At alam mong mahal na mahal talaga kita, Demi.  Your friendship is one of the true blessings I have received in this life.  Come hell or high water, we have weathered our personal storms and whatever differences we may have encountered as friends have served to strengthen this friendship.  I have great faith in you, Demi, just trust your heart.

One thing I truly like about blogging is that it has enabled me to maintain online conversations like this one with my friend.  At the same time, it enables me to express what’s in my heart and mind and share it with others out there.. like the next feedback.

Feedback on  PINOYTALK: A FILIPINA IN NEW YORK from Jonathan Vitug:

I enjoyed reading your blog. I was there last March 2005. I stayed with relatives in New Jersey (East Windsor, near Princeton) and I would take the NJ Trans to Manhattan. I watched broadway shows like Mamma Mia and All Shooked Up. I wish I could go back there to work (I only have a tourist visa). I’m glad to hear that you subscribe to TFC and you watch soap operas like Hiram. My current favorite is Kampanerang Kuba.

Hope to read more of your blogs and regards to Alan and your son.


My response: Jonathan, thank you for your comment, and unfortunately, my subscription is only to ABS CBN Now (which allows me to download and watch their shows on my laptop) as TFC is much too prohibitive a cost, considering we don’t watch Filipino shows 24/7 — maybe if I win the lotto and by some luck end up staying at home!

You are fortunate to have had a taste of New York — I am sure you will agree that it is a truly dynamic city which can lay claim to being the greatest city in the world.  (Though some may disagree.)

As for working here, I would recommend it if you can pull it off, but only if you can work in the corporate world where you will see the difference in terms of the culture and the work ethic.  (Now, I don’t want to start ranting and raving here for one side or against the other..)  It is something I would hope our new graduates could get the chance to do so that they can have a better perspective of going about their careers there back home.  There are a lot of trade offs, though.  But to sum it all up, it’s a different world here. 

Again, thanks for the comment, and I do hope you’ll come back.. hopefully before I consume my monthly bandwidth limit again..

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