Giving myself 24 minutes to write a blog post

It has been a very hectic Friday as I struggle with the move.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to organize things here for Tuesday when the boss returns.  It’s been a productive day but I need another 12 hours to do everything I want to do by the end of the day.

Alan and I visited the back-up childcare facility we are going to put Angel into by next Friday.  It seems to be a place any child will truly enjoy, and he will probably be put in with the other toddlers who can already walk.  Alan and I had lunch afterwards and discussed how we will manage in the next couple of weeks until Mom gets here.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to an easy weekend preparing Offie to leave and head back home to Manila.  There’s a part of me that’s sad again because it means I will be alone without family here until Mom returns, and part of me wants to go home with her.  I am truly grateful for the sacrifice my sister has made to help me out in this time of great need, more so because she has helped me to keep Angel surrounded by a loving family instead of being forced to put him in daycare this early.

Part of me is stressed out in a major way because it breaks my heart that I will have to put Angel through the agony of being surrounded by people he doesn’t know.  Then again, that’s a fact of life here in the US.  He has been lucky to have been cared for personally by family this long, and as a consolation, we have Mom’s coming back to look forward to.



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