Another after midnight post on a Saturday

It seems that these days, I only have the energy to keep going beyond midnight on a Saturday night, knowing fully well I can sleep later than usual the next day. 

I’m typing away on the laptop as father and son snore beside me and the only light that helps me to see the keys I’m striking is coming from a mini book lamp.  I know I ought to hit the sack myself, having had a long but very productive day — but I feel a need to post here.

I have to choose which topic to write about, though, because the laptop battery is now 50% and it might go into standby mode if I go on and on and on here.

Offie, my sister, is finally booked to leave for Manila this Tuesday.  So we’re busy trying to prepare all the “pasalubong” for the folks back home.  Part of me wishes part of me could go home with her.  (Just can’t leave NY totally, so only a part of me can go.)  And like before, I wish I could send more but there’s the baggage limitation to consider.  (Thank God! LOL)

I think we’ve got our alternative routine down pat as far as taking care of Angel is concerned.. just that Alan has a business trip towards the end of the week, so we are exercising our first option with the back up childcare facility provided by my company.  My sister is teasing me about taking Angel home with her.. definitely not!  I keep telling her we will probably go nuts missing the little tyke and might end up going to Manila to get him.

He has grown so much sometimes I can’t believe I gave birth just a year ago.  The wonders of life indeed.