Posting Blind – Offline til the 1st of August

Might as well.. might as well.  What am I doing writing here when I know the blog is offline?  Because I know I will get to access it soon enough.  Just a week to go!  I am still torn about either transferring or upgrading, but I have bene told an upgrade won’t be automatic — so what’s the use?  I guess I’ll just keep my cyberpresence as best I can.

It was a beautiful and restful weekend — Alan and I spent a lot of quality time with Angel.  (Father and son are buddies again today with Alan working from home.)  Meanwhile, New York City is muggy and rain is threatening on the horizon.  I think it’s falling on part of the city — I have a fantastic view of the skyline from our new perch here on the upper part of the building my company owns in Long Island City.  Beautiful! 

I guess I can’t complain about how my week has begun.. been working most of the morning and thought I’d start posting to get my thoughts rolling..