12 Pennies on the Subway

I rode the 7 Express train yesterday on my way home and as was wont to happen as the train nears its last stop on Main Street, the cars slowly empty until at last, one finds a seat.  I was lucky to have been seated the moment I stopped on the train, and two stops before the end of the ride — only one or two passengers were seated.  The straphangers standing through the ride had drifted nearer the doors if not to the seats that eventually emptied.  It was then that I noticed that there as a bunch of pennies sitting in the middle of the rear end of the subway — in plain view of everyone.  It looked as though someone had spilled them, but someone else had taken the time to put them all together in one spot.  Yet no one was picking them up.

I knew the man seated across from where I was eyeing the coins knew what I was looking at.  Still, everyone nonchallantly went about their business as if those pennies weren’t there.  I find that strange considering pennies are still part and parcel of trade and commerce here.  They are still what we would call legal tender, unlike the mamera of old back in Manila which the stores doled out as change yet refused to accept saying it was without value.  We even have change machines which will enable you to convert your buckets of pennies or other loose change into hard cash for a minimal fee, with the option of donating the proceeds to a favorite charity.

I waited for the train to stop and then stooped down and picked up the pennies, counting twelve in all.  I didn’t care who saw me or what they thought — why were they leaving the money on the floor?  Was it because it was just pennies?  Were they ashamed to stoop down and pick it up?  They were not swimming in filth or what — just lying on the floor.

I often stop to pick up a penny, a nickel or a dime which lies on the street in plain sight, but with nobody bothering to stoop down and pick it up.  I figure if I can find a penny for each day of the week, at the end of the year, I will have close to $3.65.. LOL.. I call them my lucky pennies..

I wonder if the other passengers who saw the pennies lying around were waiting for a panhandler to come and pick them up?  Sometimes such small things can really make one wonder about what goes on in other people’s minds.