Something about Mondays

Alan was feeling under the weather this morning and decided to stay home.  So we cancelled daycare for today (which was a relief) and then I hied off to work on my own.  It’s been a busy day.  It’s almost 3PM and I’ve been neck deep in work since this morning.

I am staring at my nude nails wishing I could find 3 minutes to paint them.  Maybe tonight?  *SIGH*  I doubt.  Back to the hectic whirl of things — I have yet to get a much-neede hair cut and I’m trying  so hard to get organized in our new world here.  Meanwhile, I have been warned it will be a long day — not that I have a choice.  It was providential I guess that Alan felt too ill to go to work because picking up Angel would’ve been a challenge after the boss requested me to stay late today.

It’s a challenge juggling the responsibilities of being a working mother.  I try to make it work as best I can.

There are the numerous “characters” who, I would like to think, add spice to my life — but as in real life, I like my food bland.  (No salt on my eggs, please..)  I can really do without the aggravation but I think they are already part and parcel of the corporate world.

I just try to tell myself I cannot please everyone — the only one I really need to work my butt off for is the boss.  If she’s happy, then I’m on good footing.  She’ll stick her neck out for me if the going gets rough as it has previously been, and I already know she will pull rank to put people in their place when they overstep their boundaries.

There are just too many user-friendly people here — or as we term it in Tagalog, mga “mang-ga” for  manggagamit.  It all boils down to whether or not one allows one’s self to be taken advantage of, so I have wisened up and am now on the alert.  Being overly helpful has its drawbacks, and while I have been generous of my time and talent, I have come to realize that the simple gratitude I expect in return is not as automatic to some people as it is to me.  This is not to say that there is a lack of the nicer people who would help even before you can ask — but I have just been “alerted” to the presence of those who prey on the gullible and those who are just too nice to put their foot down.  To them I’ve stopped being Ms. Nice.

Don’t get me wrong, though, unlike some others who go the extra mile expecting the same kind of help in return, a simple thank you or just taking the gesture in consideration is really enough.  It can be as simple as not being brash or rude in the regular course of business.

Thanks to the call forwarding and caller ID feature of our PABX system, I simply hit the call forward button when someone undesirable calls and they go straight to voice mail.  Why should I go over and beyond to help them out when they cannot even be professional in dealing with others on a day to day basis? 

I have simple standards which are not difficult to meet.  I have my bad days, too, but when I pick up the phone, I put on a different persona because I know I am speaking on behalf of the boss.  I try to be as helpful as I can because I don’t want anyone complaining to the boss that they called and the one who picked up the line didn’t have any clue about how the office could assist them.  I am not overly demanding and try to work efficiently with my own resources.  While working the calendar is always a big challenge, if an invite on Lotus Notes is not necessary, I will not wrangle one from those setting up meetings because I would put the entry in myself.  So I find it a tad bit irritating when people insist on an invite when one need not be sent, more so on a day when I’m doing a dozen things all at the same time. 

In a previous life I would’ve easily chewed their heads off.  Patience was a virtue I only discovered when I moved to this new world.  These days, I can’t help but just smile in amusement when I remember the cages I rattled back when I was still my taray self.  I think there’s still a part of me ready to pounce on the uninitiated who try to bully me, but I have been successful in keeping my temper at bay. 

I can always say no without starting World War III.  Others seem to be constantly on the aggressive mode — perhaps trying to preempt being trounced upon by making the first strike.  That might work in war, but not in the corporate world where coexistence is key. 

Perhaps it’s age, too.. the older you get, the tamer you become. HA!


Feedback: I love New York

On July 18, Mimi wrote: LOVE NEW YORK! LOVE UR BLOG!

This is a long delayed post I wanted to do in response to this comment from a random reader.  (I went to her blog and I know she’s not Pinoy — so I suppose she just clicked on the latest updated blogs on the home screen of my blog server.)  It would take me forever to write the many things I love about this city I call home now.  I’m seriously considering devoting a category to it which is probably what I will do because I have so much to share.


Pooped on a Sunday

I just realized the title is a double entendre.  I meant to say “tired” — just wanted to make the clarification. (LOL)

Well it’s an hour before Cinderella time and I’m all agog writing here after seeing my blog back online.  (Can’t stop mentioning it!!  I’m just euphoric!)  I am actually crashing after a long day.  Sundays are always very long days because I hate to see the weekend coming to an end, and I’m always busy trying to prepare for the week ahead.

This week is a little heavier like last week — only because it’s another week for Angel at the back up childcare facility our company uses as a benefit for working mom’s like me.  I have to make sure his food is ready and there’s a slice of chuck steak that’s been simmering in my kitchen for over an hour now.  (beef to be cut up as meat accompaniment to his Knorr Sopas)  While that was simmering, I managed to repair the hem of one of my favorite slacks thinking of wearing it tomorrow if not Tuesday), ironed a cotton cardigan to wear over its matching cami tomorrow, and managed to do some hand washing.  (Yes, we do use a washing machine in the co-op’s laundromat, but there are things that I prefer to do by hand like Angel’s wash cloths before I run out.

All this after I fed the baby, bathed him, fed the dad and washed the dishes.. yes, by hand, even if we do have a dishwasher.  (First, dishwashers don’t always do the job.  Second, if you’re like me who prefers to eat on real dishes rather than paper plates, you would want your dishes clean.  And finally, if you want it done right and you do it better than everyone else, you might as well do it.  So, do I ever use the dishwasher?  Yes, when there are parties and there’s just too much to wash!)  I just remembered, I have yet to prepare the coffeemaker which is programmable to brew automatically whenever I want it.  Right now we set it at 6AM.

I’m already doing a mental rundown of what needs to be done in the morning: Cook rice (I always want fresh rice for Angel’s baon for the day), feed Angel his cheerios and milk, make lunch for Angel, assemble his diaper bag, take a bath, make breakfast for Alan and then eat breakfast myself (wash the dishes), paint my face, gather everything, leave for work.

Does it sound like I do a lot?  I think I do.. and sometimes at this time of the night, I wonder how I manage to do it.  I look at my sparkling clean kitchen floor and I can’t help but congratulate myself for a job well done.  I see my baby’s wash towels hanging by the tub and I feel I accomplished a lot.  But I’m tired.. and I wish I had another 2 hours and the energy necessary to stay up so I can do some long delayed writing to friends, maybe pick up my knitting needles and finally finish what’s left of my katya, move on to the next ball of yarn, and if I can still hack it, continue reading Queen Noor’s autobiography, Leap of Faith.

But no, I have less than an hour now.  Have to turn off the pot that’s simmering in my kitchen, set up the coffee, scoop up the baby from the play pen in the living room and then settle down for a good night’s rest before waking up to another week ahead.  Phew!


I'm back online!

I thought I’d try and see if by some miracle my blog’s bandwidth had been refreshed a few hours early and VOILA! — I’m back.

In anticipation of another “black out” caused by too many visitors, I’m thinking of breaking down this account into two separate ones — and maybe keep one afloat.  It’s my guess that it’s the New York thing that keeps bringing in the traffic.  (Unless some imp out there just keeps coming back to drain me of my 250 MG allocation..highly unlikely, though.)

I’m just glad to be back and blabbering away..