When General Tso comes calling

I loved it when my home office was by the Flat Iron District on 24th Street and you had a whole slew of choices for lunch — ranging from McDonald’s to French or Italian Cuisine.  These days, I’m usually stuck between going down and braving the cafeteria offerings or ordering out.  I made the mistake of taking the General Tso’s lunch special.  It looked delectable but a few spoonfulls after, I realize now that I should’ve stuck to the roasted Turkey.

Makes me want to go to CHOICES in Glorietta, or if there’s time, sit down in one of the restaurants in Greenbelt III.  I wouldn’t mind some arroz caldo in Via Mare finished off with a bibingka with quezo de bola.  The closest I can get to the bibingka I so love is the one served in Cendrillon in the village here.  I was just there two Saturdays ago but decided to forego the bibingka because we were having a late brunch and the hunger and the filling meal were too much for me to even think of anything else.

I’d bring lunch if I had leftovers but we had Burger King last night.  Alan and I stopped by a drive through on the way home, and tonight, I just found out we’re having pizza.. yipee!  I don’t feel like cooking much these days with all the chores that remain undone at the end of the day.  And as advised by the parenting magazines, I try to spend more time with Angel to compensate for the time we leave him in daycare.

We have a viewing deck on the 7th floor which I’ve visited twice now.. It gets a little windy there but with all the sun you can get, it’s pretty popular with those who want to get a tan.  Americans worship the sun — you’ll see them lunching out in the open and just taking it all in.  And back home, we even have our umbrellas out when the heat strikes us. 

Which reminds me of our last visit to the Epcot Center in Disneyworld in Florida two years ago — we saw some umbrellas open in the heat of the sun and Alan and I teased each other those must be Pinoys from back home — and true enough, they were Pinoys.. and yes, probably from back home.  See, it’s very rare that you will find us sheltering ourselves from the sun even on a 100 degree day.. umbrellas come out only when the rain’s here.

End of griping session about the General Tso’s Chicken. I should’ve known better, but hey, the presentation did it!

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