Yes, I'm back!

It’s nice to see posts from those who stop by once in a while to read what I write here.  It’s just me literally thinking online.  Blogging provides a different channel of expression on the web and I have become somewhat “addicted” to being able to spontaneously post my thoughts here.

It’s been a truly chaotic past few days.  Juggling the various tasks assigned to me by the boss and trying to run this office is a feat, and I can’t wait until Friday can provide me some much needed respite from the constant whirl.

After arriving here just a few minutes after 9 this morning, I haven’t had the chance to really sit down and rest, and I’m half buried in paperwork that needs revisions, presentations that need tweaking, etc., etc., etc.  While I welcome the chance to work with Powerpoint (my presentation software of choice!), I usually need more time to get something creative flowing.

At least I am back.. that’s a thrill!


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