My Blog Birthday!

Has it really been a year since I started bloggin?!  Boy, I thought it was just months ago — not a year!  But David from my blog server just greeted me a happy blog birthday and true enough, when I looked at my Archives, the first is August 2004.  Wow..

Just after a whirlwind week passed me by.. there was one particularly day I was just “out of it” when I realized just before getting off the car to bring Angel to the daycare center this week that I was wearing a different shoe on each foot.  Mind you, the heels were similar in height, but one was a mule and the other was half of a pair of low heeled pumps.. duh.. it was THAT crazy!  Fortunately, I had the option of buying flipflops at Grand Central where I was depositing Angel, but as luck would have it, I had 2 pairs in my bag — supposed to have been shipped to my winning ebay bidders.  (I’ve been selling the gold and silver old navy flip flops and they’ve been going like hotcakes!)   I have two pairs of shoes I keep hidden in their shoeboxes under my desk, so I wasn’t afraid of going to work wearing a pair of silver flipflops — I just needed to get to my shoes.

It has been a very challenging week indeed, but not without a few surprises. 

There was a day when the boss surprised me with 4 huge red tomatoes from their garden.  Then the next day, my former boss e-mails me to say hello and give me the news that he is now at McGraw Hill.. been there for more than a year, and he’s letting me know now.. hmmmm.. maybe he’s wondering if I’m okay where I’m at?  I’m currently drafting a carefully worded response — friendly and warm without begging for the chance to move out of my current position.

As I wrote, I’m actually not doing too bad but everything that’s in my current package was worked into a deal without the idea of having a baby at home.  It’s still a good deal, but I can do better — not necessarily money-wise, but time-wise.

Let’s see where this goes.. meanwhile.. happy blog birthday to me!