Hawking Filipinas Online

My blog is housed on a free server so I have no choice but to bear with the advertisements that are displayed on the righthand side of the screen.  Being that these ads are indexed through the content on my website, ads like the one above have greeted me from time to time whenever I checked on the site. 

Anything from the above to Filipino for sale on ebay can be quite disconcerting.  I am, after all, bandying to the whole world that I am a Filipina in New York.  While I have acquired the pinaynewyorker.com domain, I am still rethinking migrating my whole blog to that site.  I will upgrade to an ad-free blog first chance I get.

I just wonder if similar ads appear on sites with a different ethnicity, with content geared towards their ethnic group.  It isn’t any less appalling, but that’s the reality of the web, I guess.

Filipinos in New York on MSN

Before I discovered Yahoo, I had Hotmail.  So even if I have my main e-mail address on yahoo, I maintain at least 2 accounts on hotmail, just as I am a member of several Yahoo Groups (including my high school alma mater’s batch e-group, SPCQ83), I have one MSN Group I enlisted for with my hotmail ID — Filipinos in New York.

From the day I started to this day, most of the messages I get in the weekly digest/activity report appear to be spam, and there are very few postings, if ever.  People still join, but the moderators seem to have abandoned ship.  This is really saddening because when I arrived here in New York in 2000, one of the worst things I had to deal with was trying to find and make new friends just as I had my cliques in Manila.  Tearing one’s self away from that kind of network can be jarring for people like me who have nurtured long standing friendships that have provided comfort and a second family through the years.  In the midst of feeling all homesick, I stumbled upon this group and signed up — but nothing has come of it.

It’s such a disappointment that the group seems to have “disappeared” and now those who care to post are simply those trying to make a fast buck by sneaking into the different MSN groups.

Another late Saturday night post

I’ve been meaning to post here for hours but chores at home kept me away from my laptop.  In fact I’m not too sure how far I’ll get with this one because Angel just stirred and is awake beside me, scratching away and waiting for Mom to lie down again with him.

(Angel now asleep again).. It has been a productive day.  I managed to change the doorknob in our bedroom with a keyed lock, although I had to do some switching of parts to make the new lock fit into our door and the lock socket. I also managed to do a major cleaning of the bathroom and hand washed some delicate blouses.  I still wanted to do more but I was pooped after spending an afternoon with my boys, just having lunch and then taking Angel out for a stroll in the park next to our co-op.

Alan had an afternoon barbecue with his officemates and while both of us were invited, it would’ve been difficult to lug Angel along.  So I told him to go ahead without me and I will just do some chores here.  For some reason, I still can’t sleep when he’s not home so even if it’s past 1AM, I’m still awake..

The day was pretty hot but pleasant.. there are days when the heat here reminds me of how hot it can get in Manila.  (Missing home again..)