Filipinos in New York on MSN

Before I discovered Yahoo, I had Hotmail.  So even if I have my main e-mail address on yahoo, I maintain at least 2 accounts on hotmail, just as I am a member of several Yahoo Groups (including my high school alma mater’s batch e-group, SPCQ83), I have one MSN Group I enlisted for with my hotmail ID — Filipinos in New York.

From the day I started to this day, most of the messages I get in the weekly digest/activity report appear to be spam, and there are very few postings, if ever.  People still join, but the moderators seem to have abandoned ship.  This is really saddening because when I arrived here in New York in 2000, one of the worst things I had to deal with was trying to find and make new friends just as I had my cliques in Manila.  Tearing one’s self away from that kind of network can be jarring for people like me who have nurtured long standing friendships that have provided comfort and a second family through the years.  In the midst of feeling all homesick, I stumbled upon this group and signed up — but nothing has come of it.

It’s such a disappointment that the group seems to have “disappeared” and now those who care to post are simply those trying to make a fast buck by sneaking into the different MSN groups.

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