Hawking Filipinas Online

My blog is housed on a free server so I have no choice but to bear with the advertisements that are displayed on the righthand side of the screen.  Being that these ads are indexed through the content on my website, ads like the one above have greeted me from time to time whenever I checked on the site. 

Anything from the above to Filipino for sale on ebay can be quite disconcerting.  I am, after all, bandying to the whole world that I am a Filipina in New York.  While I have acquired the pinaynewyorker.com domain, I am still rethinking migrating my whole blog to that site.  I will upgrade to an ad-free blog first chance I get.

I just wonder if similar ads appear on sites with a different ethnicity, with content geared towards their ethnic group.  It isn’t any less appalling, but that’s the reality of the web, I guess.

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