A Long Friday

People were surprised to see me in the office — why did I bother to come in on a Friday when I was off the whole week?  I needed to do some catching up and my boss was back from a short business trip to Latin America.  I hate being swamped Mondays — and fortunately, she’s going to one of our offices in Connecticut on Monday, so it shouldn’t be that tough a day. 

Because I was away for most of the week, there were naturally more things to do although I had good back up.  One of my boss’s many other assistants who came before me has joined our team and is indeed a reliable back up — forget that she and my boss work well together only when they don’t work directly for each other.  I knew my boss was relieved I was back as well — nice to know she missed me even if only because of work.

All of us are sporting a slight tan at home.  My son, like me, doesn’t tan much — or maybe it was the Mustela.  (A small stick of which cost Alan $10 which caused him to raise a fuss about it because it was practically a mini deodorant stick! — I am not complaining, though, because the two times I’ve used it on Angel, there was no allergic reaction even if I applied it directly to his face, and it did the job — the boy has a tan but did not burn.)

We’re still all refreshed from the short stay in Williamburg, Virginia.  This early Alan and I are already vowing to come back next year and stay longer — if only so we can explore Colonial Williamsburg next time.  (The first time, we went to Busch Gardens, and this time, we did Busch and then Water Country USA.)  Forget that it’s an 8 hour drive each way.  We had it down pat, taking a mini cooler with refreshments in the car so we could minimize the stops for soda or water, bringing our portable DVD player to keep Angel entertained, and having things packed systematically so we knew where everything was.

After 5 years, we also no longer feel like beating each other up over Map Quest as he drives and I navigate.  (No more missed turns, exits, and sudden swerves.. there’s a rhythm to it that we can both dance to.)

So what if it’s just a Saturday-Sunday break again?  We are heading off to another long weekend next week.  The boss is off all week and I’m taking 3 days off.. maybe it’ll be a second trip to Sesame Place this time. =)


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