Craft Report: My Forgotten Knitting Project

With work and childcare issues getting the better of me, it wasn’t until last night that I finally picked up the katya yarn scarf I’ve been doing in oversized stitches.  And yes, I’m finally done with the yarn.  Right now I’m trying to decide how I’m going to do the white yarn portion.  All I know is that I intended to put the white at the two ends and use it as the tassle as well.

Hopefully before September is out I can start knitting the scarves I intend to give out as gifts this Christmas.  I saw some hand knitted scarves at Kenneth Cole in Franklin Mills in Pennsylvania over the weekend, and while they were priced atrociously, they were definitely doable even for a novice knitter like me.  They were done in different colors but the only effect was to doing dropped stitches (I am not sure that is the term), purling an extra loop so that the stitch when done is actually longer than the usual.  Maybe I’ll do that with this first knitting scarf.

With the weather beginning to turn chillier and more rains coming, my scarves from Paris have been very useful in keeping myself warm in the office.  It’s just that I only have one on standby there, and I sure can use scarves that would be the same color as what I was wearing.

Getting there, getting there..