Belated Anniversary Post

It’s half a month now since we celebrated our fifth year anniversary, yet everytime Alan takes my hand, I feel as though we are still celebrating it.  Everyday is a celebration of this union whenever we look at Angel.  He is the sum total of all that we have put into our relationship as husband and wife, friends and lovers.

(Thanks for the greeting, Lani. ) 

We were planning a trip to Paris to celebrate, but my Mom is still unable to come to the US to help us take care of Angel.  Paris will always be there, I told Alan.  He will probably be summoned there sometime in the coming months anyway, and I can always take a few days off to join him then.  Hopefully, Mom will be here again so we need not worry about Angel… then we can celebrate our anniversary again.. and again.. and again.


Things have been busy

When several days go by with nary a post here, that can only mean that things have been very busy on my end.  I have been doing a lot of catching up and preparing to fix the house, actually purchasing new furniture and putting away a lot of old stuff.

I was actually going through my collections and refining them — planning to get rid of those that I have no use for.  I’ve been doing that the past year and have decided to just put the postcard trading on hold for a while.  It is difficult keeping up — so I will just save that for another time when I have the luxury of that.

For now, there’s a lot that must be weeded through.  Alan is telling me we should put away things we haven’t touched in the past year, and throw away those things that have no more use for us.  So last night he threw away an old leather couch that had started to shed it’s top layer, after we bought two individual pieces from IKEA.

I am going to assemble them in a while along with the drawer table that came as an accessory to the computer table we purchased last week.  The computer table is already up.

Getting there.. getting there.. even if Angel hogs my time, I manage to fix two areas of my pantry last week, making more storage room.  I hope to do more during this long weekend since we didn’t make plans to go anywhere.  Two weekends of trips is enough, and with the rising price of gas, it doesn’t pay to go travelling too much these days.

It’s a nice day outside, perfect for a barbecue or picnic.  We’ll probably stop by the park later this afternoon if we have time after errands.  Otherwise, we can just chill inside the house..