11:54 and just about done

With half a dozen things left undone, midnight is creeping up upon me. Angel is asleep but is having difficulty because of a cold that came just tonight.  As someone who grew up with asthma, I know how it is to have a bad cold.  I wish I could take Angel’s difficulty and be the one struggling with every breath.  Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like Angel inherited my asthma.

The back up childcare facility called us tonight informing us a spot had opened up, but Alan had opted to stay home.  We were waitlisted for the whole week, but we are keeping our fingers crossed something opens up on Wednesday and the subsequent days, although I am hoping to just bring Angel with me to work on Thursday when my boss is out.

It’s been an uneventful weekend but one we really enjoyed.  I got only as far as assembling the side drawer for the computer table we bought, but we are making progress with our home make over.. we are also dealing with the things we are choosing to keep and those we are throwing away.

Craft report: I actually spent a good part of the weekend knitting my multi colored hand dyed yarn scarf.  I finished the whole skein and will be connecting a totally different ball, still multi colored, still hand dyed.  It will be one colorful scarf I will be wearing during the onset of fall. 

Midnight tolls.. have to go hit the sack!

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