Comfort Food

It used to be that the ultimate comfort food to me was maguro or tuna sashimi which was pricey but plentiful in Manila.  Here, the price is just exhorbitant it has been a treat I give myself only once in a while.  The quality and kind of tuna in these parts has also made me wary, because there are certain sea creatures that can pass on harmful bacteria to the tuna in these parts, making them unhealthy to eat.

I remember how my bestfriend Fe would watch me eat as I poured my heart out, and how she would constantly refuse saying she believed food was meant to be cooked.  (At least I didn’t have to share.. LOL)  These days when everything is running at full speed and I am caught in the middle of trying to get a hundred and one things done, I turn to other comfort foods to give me a pick me up.

My ultimate favorite ice cream was mocha but it is not readily available here in the same taste I loved then.  My taste in ice cream has likewise evolved — and now I prefer to have my ice cream with some crunch, be that in chocolate chips or nuts.  And I came to discover how brownies are more heavely when eaten a la mode — and I’m partial to having that with vanilla ice cream please.  So it’s no surprise that I love butter pecan, or how I really enjoy Coldstone Creamery’s dreamy concoctions.

I also discovered a new version of cheesecake crust which has graham crackers and walnuts mixed together to form a crunchy yet soft crust to a creamy cheesecake version.  Unfortunately, it is not commercially available except when I order catering from one of our suppliers here in our area. 

When I want a quick fix, it can be anything from a condensada sandwich to a simple peanut butter sandwich (with the crunch, of course).  If pan de sal were available, I’d prefer that hot with some butter… forget about pandesal here, though– nothing like the airy soft breads we got so used to back in Manila.  (I wonder how much they cost nowadays..)  But we do have a few pretenders — some even mimmicking the Baliuag pandesal that was yellowish in color.

If you’re getting the sense how homesick I am you’re right. =)  Just one of those days..




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