Craft Report: Jumped to a totally different ball of yarn

I meant it to be multi colored so I found nothing wrong about using a totally different ball of yarn that was also multi-colored but not quite the same as the original skein I was using.  Call it artistic license.  I should be done with this project after this weekend — and then on to the next one!

Hints of Fall

I’ve started feeling the fall chill in the mornings and at night– and I was hoping for a couple of weeks more of summer.  School has started for the Catholic Schools and the public schools follow suit this Friday.  Before you know it, it’ll be the holidays again.

Where did the time go?  Instead of wishing that time didn’t go by so fast, though, seeing Angel grow up makes me grateful time is flying.  I cannot wait until he speaks audibly, because even with his toddler speak and his animated babbling, there is already so much of the person behind the smile that I see.  I’m gushing again — that’s motherhood for you.

Work is getting hectic again but I called in sick today.  It was a decision that wasn’t easy to make but I’ve learned to accept the fact that there are days when I will just have to prioritize other things over work.  It’s not like the company will close shop because I’m not there.  It turned out to be a productive day after all — and my boss survived the day without me.