Craft Report: Some Fancy Yarn from Target (!)

I’m not too sure but I think I’ve written a post or two about the dollar stores here — well, Target isn’t a dollar store, but it’s a store that’s got a dollar corner.  I fancy checking out the items there because sometimes you find some non-essentials which you can afford to waste money on at $1 a piece or so.  This weekend we went to Target to get under the bed storage bins to help with the clutter in the bedroom, and some crates for Angel’s toys.  (He already has 2 but he has since acquired more toys hence the need for additional storage.)

I found small balls of fancy yarn which I just couldn’t resist.  I picked up 5 of one type and decided I would try to knit some fancy scarves and maybe even a shawl.  The gold was enticing but I wanted to try the pastel multi first.

Knitting with a huge pair of needles like the recommended size 13 was a challenge — I actually worked with a size 15.  It can be made into something really pretty like a shawl — something I intend to do beginning this week.  So all other projects are on hold until I complete the first project and I actually succeed in getting more next weekend.

Time for me to hit the sack!