U.N. Week in Manhattan

Every year, the heads of state of most UN Member countries and a host of dignitaries from each congregate in New York for UN Week.  Until this week, we really didn’t feel the hassle of the delay, the street closures and the aggravation of doubling the travel time to Manhattan.  Add to that Dubya’s visit (which is always a given) and you know there’s going to be major traffic jams.

I guess it’s part of New York’s make up already and is a fact of life.  I just wish it didn’t coincide with us having to drive in to bring Angel to daycare. *SIGH*

As those who are familiar with the way of life here in New York, driving is not a good option as it is down West where one MUST drive.  Here, everyone commutes — even our billionaire Mayor who takes the subway from his posh apartment on the Upper East Side to his offices downtown.  So it’s really a hassle parking fee wise and traffic wise to brave the city streets — but it’s something we must do for the love of Angel.