Snapping away on the subway

I left work earlier Thursday because the boss decided she had had enough of the late evenings and wanted to leave by 5 PM (!).. Perhaps it was largely because I wasn’t trying to push the subway on mentally so I could make it in time to get Angel that I actually found the time to snap some pictures in the subway.


The people on the subway can be a fascinating study in human nature.  You see all types and all colors, all ages and professions.  While there may be predominant groups in certain routes, the common thread that weaves the experience of local transportation in New York City together is the rhythm that this continually evolving mode of getting from place to place plays.

People can harp on about the inadequacy or faults of the system but it’s a pretty convenient way to get from place to place in the big apple.  The subway system is New York personified — fast-paced, always on the go, moving 24 hours a day, dynamic as the city it serves.