Rainy Saturday Night

The weather forecast midweek for Saturday was rain, but we went out and got home just around 7PM with nary a drop of rain falling.  Then in the midst of dinner it poured and thundered and all is quiet now at 10PM.

We spent a short afternoon doing errands.  We would’ve gone to the grocery but Angel started getting irritable.  I didn’t have to prepare any fancy dinner because there was pasta in the fridge and the chicken wraps from yesterday.  By 9AM, I was lulling the boy to sleep.

No, I didn’t win the Mega Lotto jackpot of $250 Million and it makes me feel bad that the actual winner took the whole pot, and he/she was from New Jersey.. !  Somewhere close by.. Well, there’s still the lotto tonight.

Meanwhile, I grabbed some more of that fancy fringe yarn from Target this afternoon lest they run out and I won’t be able to buy anymore.  I have enough for 4 more scarves at this point.  I am thinking of making scarves for two girlfriends this Christmas, but the one I’m working on will go to a friend celebrating a birthday a few weeks ahead.