Bracing for another round with the forces of nature

The clouds are overcast here in New York this Friday.  This is but a glimpse of the wrath of nature now heading towards the South, 3,000 miles away.

People are desperately trying to get our parts of Texas reputed to be in the path of Hurricane Rita.  This time people are listening to federal calls for evacuation, but the sense of panic after Hurricane Katrina has paralyzed the efforts of many to obey.  What is even more tragic is that there are some people who are now fleeing Hurricane Rita who had sought refuge in Texas from the ravages of Katrina.  Others who had so generously taken in refugees are now fleeing themselves.

While we are just inconvenienced by bad weather here on the East Coast, we can’t help but wonder how we would fare if the howlers went our way.  I heard from old timers here in New York say that the stronger ones that hit New York hit in the 80s.  It has been a while but that is a reminder that we are not always safe.  We do have our snow storms — Mom even had one or two last year.  (Her first time to see snow, and a real snow storm at that!)

All we can do is hope and pray.  You think that you”ll only see people stuck on the highways fleeing something from their domicile in the movies — it’s playing live on national television right now.


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