Chilling out this Saturday evening

It’s 6PM on the first of October and the bandwidth hasn’t been refreshed.  I’m not letting that upset me, though.  It’s a cool Saturday evening, the sun is getting ready to set, and my boys are here with me.  Angel is asleep on the couch, Alan is watching TV.

I’m tired.  We didn’t really do much.  We had our usual Saturday lunch.  Nothing fancy — we went to Ruby Tuesday.  It’s more of a ritual than a culinary adventure.  It’s one of the family practices we’ve had through the years.  It’s also a time to relax as a family.  Today it was just Alan, Angel and me.  We managed to go to Target afterwards to get some of our usual supplies.  The grocery can wait til tomorrow.

Alan wanted to go to the park later today but Angel started to nap in the car — and although he woke up when we reached the house, he fell asleep again soon after.

It was nice out today.. perhaps that’s what’s making us all want to just sit back and relax.  I love watching father and son resting in the same room.  One of the most heartwarming sights is to see them sleeping in each other’s arms — peaceful in slumber, an older and younger version of the same features.

Sometimes I would rather stay home just chilling out.  Tonight is one of them.  We no longer go exploring the culinary hotspots in Manhattan — it’s been a while since Alan and I went on a dinner date.  It’s always a family meal out these days — not that we mind — Angel has adjusted well to public places as a result.  For a toddler who gets to sit with us on the table, he’s pretty well behaved so we don’t bother getting him a high chair.  Even with him eating with us, we have never had to give up ambiance unlike some other couples with young babies.  We just can’t go ultra fine dining in romantic spots, but we can still dine in upscale restaurants where we have neough room for his stroller. 

Time to start preparing dinner.  It’s corned beef ala cubana for us tonight.  It’s a recipe we picked up from Aga’s endorsement of Argentina Corned Beef.  And yes, despite being in the land of Hormel and Libby’s, we are havin Argentina Corned Beef.