Thinking Food

I was about to log on to my blog and do my daily rants and raves here when I chanced upon the list of updated blogs on the lefthand side of the main screen of — and one entry immediately caught my eye:  LAFANG. I didn’t even have to think if the word was present in any other language.. it had to be a Pinoy writing.  And true enough, it is a Pinoy talking about food, what else?

So I’ve added this blog to the list of blogs I read — highly recommended for the foodies in you!

Happy thoughts when you need them

The boss wasn’t in a good mood this morning and we are, I believe, now on a permanent LQ.  (Translated: lovers’ quarrel).  Not that I care.  It just makes life a little more difficult but life goes on.

So I have a personal philosophy about dealing with days like this — I think happy thoughts.  Like Angel doing his funny faces.. Alan playing pretending to hide behind the wall or beyond the doorway in our house.. I recall Fe’s laughter.. how sinfully delicious vanilla ice cream can be taken as is, half melted, almost like a milkshake but not quite… I think of Paris — and the crepes, the Louvre, Rue St. Honore, the macaroons of Laduree..

And I start to be grateful that I have those happy thoughts to turn to when things are not quite as okay as I’d want them to be.. and I’m okay again.