Thinking Food

I was about to log on to my blog and do my daily rants and raves here when I chanced upon the list of updated blogs on the lefthand side of the main screen of — and one entry immediately caught my eye:  LAFANG. I didn’t even have to think if the word was present in any other language.. it had to be a Pinoy writing.  And true enough, it is a Pinoy talking about food, what else?

So I’ve added this blog to the list of blogs I read — highly recommended for the foodies in you!

One thought on “Thinking Food

  1. hi dinna, maraming salamat for dropping by and for that nice comment. gee! i wans’t even expecting to get a comment this early! fyi, as i have said in my post last night — this is a new home to my food blog . . . am still trying to transfer all my other posts to this site . . . i should be able to complete all within the next few days . . . i’ve just started my food blog last august and am glad that i did it . . . am meeting new friends through this and at the same time learning a lot of things . . .


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