Feedback: On Palengke New York Style

Feedback from Stef:

hi dinna, found your blog through mike’s! (lafang) wanted to say hi esp. since we’re so close — i’m in northeast pa, though we’re moving back to oh soon. have you shopped in new jersey? that’s where we drive to do our pinoy shopping. will be dropping by from time to time now that i’ve discovered your blog. hey — ask mike about “lasang pinoy”, he’ll be happy to tell you about it:), or visit me at

To which I say: Stef, maraming salamat.  Northeast Pennsylvania is indeed “close” compared to Mang Mike (who is in the Middle East, right?)  We do go to New Jersey to visit friends but we have a couple of Filipino stores in Queens which take care of my Filipino grocery list.  As I told Mang Mike, one of the rewards of blogging that I have reaped is talking to fellow Pinoys about anything and everything.  It sure makes me feel it’s a small world indeed.

Feedback: on Thinking Food

From LAFANG author Mang Mike:

hi dinna, maraming salamat for dropping by and for that nice comment. gee! i wans’t even expecting to get a comment this early! fyi, as i have said in my post last night — this is a new home to my food blog . . . am still trying to transfer all my other posts to this site . . . i should be able to complete all within the next few days . . . i’ve just started my food blog last august and am glad that i did it . . . am meeting new friends through this and at the same time learning a lot of things . . .

To which I say: First of all, food is food and it is always refreshing to see fellow Pinoys being so passionate about this all important part of our daily life and our culture as a people.  Forget that scholars and know-it-alls contend that we have no singular identity — I beg to disagree.. our cuisine alone stands out as truly characteristic of the true Pinoy.

And just a rejoinder to your point on meeting new friends through one’s weblog — Mang Mike, the pleasure is mine.  The people I’ve bumped into through my blog have been a welcome addition to my roster of friends — even if only online.  That’s why I decided to name my blog something identifiable as Pinoy — so I can bring my kababayans together in my little corner of the web.