Feedback on Feedback: An Invitation to Join Lasang Pinoy

From Mang Mike: hi dinna, ayan ka — pero ok lang . . . brunei is not really in the middle east . . . it’s on the big island of borneo . . . just down south of the philippines, mga 105 minutes flying time . . .

and yes, how could i forget! — do join us at LASANG PINOY . . . it’s a group of pinoy foodies around the world (stef says there’s 45 of us now) . . . LP now has a regular blogging event which started last august — that’s how stef discovered my blog . . . Lasang Pinoy link is on my blog and stef’s as well . . . sali ka ha . . . we’ll expect you there 🙂

Mang Mike, I’ll be joining soon.. so glad to be among my kababayans!  And food lovers at that!

Geography Challenged me

This is actually a Feedback post but I feel like such a dork that I think I have to just own up to the fact that I am Geography challenged — (?)  I’m not even sure that’s the right term.  I don’t mean “geographically challenged” — but just that I sometimes don’t know where one place is.  One of my to-dos is to get myself a US map and memorize where the states are.  (I don’t even have them committed to memory — but yes, I know there are 50!)

Thank you, Mang Mike, for correcting me about Brunei.  I apologize to the sensitivities of its natives who will probably be appalled to hear someone saying they are in the Middle East.  As my bestfriend and I always say, we learn something new everyday.  Feedback posted separately.