Feedback on Feedback: An Invitation to Join Lasang Pinoy

From Mang Mike: hi dinna, ayan ka — pero ok lang . . . brunei is not really in the middle east . . . it’s on the big island of borneo . . . just down south of the philippines, mga 105 minutes flying time . . .

and yes, how could i forget! — do join us at LASANG PINOY . . . it’s a group of pinoy foodies around the world (stef says there’s 45 of us now) . . . LP now has a regular blogging event which started last august — that’s how stef discovered my blog . . . Lasang Pinoy link is on my blog and stef’s as well . . . sali ka ha . . . we’ll expect you there 🙂

Mang Mike, I’ll be joining soon.. so glad to be among my kababayans!  And food lovers at that!

0 thoughts on “Feedback on Feedback: An Invitation to Join Lasang Pinoy

  1. no worries dinna, d lang u ang "geography challenged" (hey karen, what’s the right term na nga?) . . . we’ve always had that problem . . .

    at one point, there was even a debate when our hotel was in the midst of relaunching our CI whether to drop "darussalam" from the logo or not. reason is, people outside southeast asia (specially europe and US) think that brunei is in the middle east or in africa . . . but then it has always been a part of brunei’s name so it stayed.

    now, how could i also forget to include a "brunei link" on my blog?


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