Connecting with friends of old

Cross-posted on Pinay New Yorker on Friendster

I usually check Friendster after checking my e-mail.  I try to see if any of my 20-something friends have any updates, if the dozen or so people I’m requesting to add as my friend have responded, and I try to remember who else I can search for.

Over the weekend I found Denmark, a rapper I did some voice tracks for as “Louningning”.  (I heard he had re-issued this but I suppose he would’ve used someone new because it was produced by a different recording label.)  I just wanted a copy of my old “mini hit” because my husband has no idea I did that in a previous life.  (I am almost certain he will roll on the floor laughing once he hears it.)  Denmark, though, has several accounts and I can’t seem to get through to the one which he appears to be checking regularly of late.

Last night, I decided to go further back and searched for friends from my original block in UP Manila in 1983.  (Ask me my student number and I will rattle it off without batting an eyelash.)  I was part of a group of around 6-8, the only girl, and everyone’s little sister.  I still remember the guys: Robert, Ronnie, Ronald, Abner.. the others are somewhere at the back of my head.  This afternoon I got a response from Robert and yes, it’s GARP!  (Our pet name for him back then..)  Because I bumped into him, I searched for Ronnie, and I shot him a note although I’m almost certain that’s him in the picture I see.  SMALL WORLD INDEED!

I must say it’s very heartening to be able to connect to people who became part of a very interesting stage in my life.. way back when.  I don’t know if it’s the innocence of the age or just that it was from something very real and familiar that makes it all the more meaningful. 

Now let’s see who else I bump into here..

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