Thinking Pasalubong

Mom arrives on the 19th. 

I was on the phone with my sister, Offie, earlier and I was rattling off my bilins.  So I thought I’d list it down here so I won’t forget between now and her departure.

1. Pastillas  – I was able to find some from the Goldilocks in California but it just doesn’t taste the same, so this is something that I really crave for when I hear someone can bring me some from Manila.

2. Goldilocks Cheese Boat Tarts – Yes, we have Goldilocks, and yes, they have boat tarts, but believe it or not — NO CHEESE TARTS.

3. Copy of the latest YES Magazine and maybe MEGA Just to keep myself in the loop about showbiz and the social scene.

4. My debut souvenir – Never brought one here and forgot to get one when I went home in 2002.  Offie is sending me hers.

5. Royco Chicken and Beef Noodle Soup, as well as Beef and Chicken Sopas – The Filipino stores don’t carry them and I need them for Angel’s broth base.

6. Serg Milk Chocolate – Serg has always had a taste all its own.

7. Palo chino sandok – for the rice cooker.  I bought 3 for P100 back then, it might be P100 each now

8. My rotadisk for my Ventolin – all out since my last asthma attack.

9. Powdered calamansi – I came across a small bottle selling for $1.19 here but I’m sure it’s much cheaper back in Manila.

10. Megamelt ensaymada Ube, Macapuno and plain please — something Alan and I look forward to.

11. Purefoods Sisig – perfect for those nights I feel like having it with a sunny side up and some rice.

12. Argentina Corned Beef – Alan loves this cooked Arroz a la cubana style with plantains on the side.

13. My favorite gourmet tuyo –  How fortunate we are that the actual “factory” is over at New Manila which is just a stone’s throw away from where we live in San Juan.

More to come.

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