Taking a breather on a busy day

Any day that we bring Angel to daycare in Manhattan is a busy day.  I always end up at my desk a few minutes late.  Today it was 20.  Add to that the aggravation of dealing with the boss’s aggravation — well, at this point, it’s really not much of a concern because we are already transitioning “away” from each other.  (I actually let out an audible sigh upon reading that line I just wrote.)

Gray skies over Manhattan again.  It’s also colder.  Fall is here, indeed.  So out with the fall coats, the thin scarves and shawls, and this weekend, I’m officially stowing my summer clothes.  Time to shine the boots and start looking for a new pair I promised myself this year.  I have to double time the scarves I’m meaning to knit, and finish that long overdue blue wrap I’ve been working on through the summer. 

I really ought to start taking lunch away from my desk.  For the two years and 4 months I’ve been here, I’ve very rarely stepped away to have lunch.  I have a lot of things on my plate right now but I’m trying to be systematic about my anticipated transition.  I’ve started weeding out the useless and dated files — and I’m creating a back up system which will enable them to easily access whatever I will be saving.  The job hunt has been interesting and I’m aggressively pursuing new opportunities — all internally.

Meanwhile, the situation between me and my boss has been tense.  It’s come to a point where we are just doing a final dance before we get rid of each other.  It’s touch and go most days but I’m trying to just go through it and get it over and done with. 

Sometimes it takes all the patience I can muster to go through a day without giving in to the temptation of just blowing my top.  I keep telling myself I’m getting there.. getting there.



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