Trying to be Grateful & Thankful for being blessed

It’s another rainy Friday and we had to bring Angel to daycare.  I hate doing it not because it’s such a chore driving into the city, but more because I know it’s not easy on Angel even if he does have fun at daycare.  I know I wouldn’t want to be put in daycare if I were in his position, and I never was.  (We always had the yayas to see us through.)

It’s not a good day at work because I came to my desk with all the files stacked high in just 2 piles, everything spic and span, but it was obvious someone took it upon herself to clean everything up.  I really wouldn’t have minded if I had been told beforehand, and if there were no personal things in my drawers that they went through.  There were, so in a sense I feel violated.  I was only gone for a day and my personally created “order” was untangled and now I have to go through everything to find what I’m looking for.

I just feel bad.  Did they think I would abandon my post?  Not that I can — I probably would’ve if that were an option.  It was not like I left my desk in disarray when I left.  Everthing was in its place, and now I don’t know where to find what I’m looking for without having to go through everything. 

And yet I am grateful that one of the principals I had applied to be an Assistant to had called to set up an interview next week.  I’m grateful that my family is healthy and will have another weekend to spend together.  I’m grateful that I’m moving on to something better.  So all in all even if part of me feels bad, part of me feels good, too.