Thinking about a hundred and one things

The sun finally came out today after a whole week of rain.  It’s a weekend celebrating Alan’s 39th birthday last Thursday, and I think the antipasto salad got to my stomach.  Must’ve been the mussels or the clams.  No regrets — it was a great antipasto salad.  We had lunch at Legal Seafood — one of our favorite restaurants.

There are so many things I’m thinking of doing — right now I want to wash the dishes, write my Dad a letter, start the scarf for a friend (or myself — I haven’t quite made up my mind yet), continue another project that has been on hold for a while, write my niece a letter, mend the hem of a pair of my pants, tidy up our bedroom, etc., etc.  Saturday is one day, though, where I’m entitled to just sit on my pretty butt.  So that’s what I’m doing.

(Of course it means I’m washing the dishes in a bit, writing that letter later, and maybe, just maybe, picking up the knitting needles.. finally.  The others will just have to wait.)

The nights are getting colder — the co-op hasn’t turned on the heat for some reason or other.  Probably trying to cut back on oil consumption to save us additional assessments.  Meanwhile, I am just trying to organize my thoughts here.

My stomach feels a little better but I still feel unsettled.  I have reacted to mussels this way before, so I know it’s not the restaurant per se.  Time to wash the dishes.. then maybe write Dad that letter.  I’m sending off the stuff for home finally tomorrow — been putting it off for the longest time, and it’s about time it went on its way.