Sleepy head

It’s just 9:45 PM and it feels as thought it’s past midnight.  I guess it’s because some mishap with Mom’s trip to New York kept me up until practically 2AM.  As a result, I am actually contemplating on taking on this major international airline who gave my Mom grief.  I am saving the details for the letter I intend to write their administration. 

I had to wake up the usual time to get Angel ready for daycare.. hopefully his last day.  He stays at home with his Dad tomorrow.  MOM IS FINALLY ARRIVING!  Her arrival time is a little tricky, though, because although we would’ve preferred she arrive at night, the last minute change in her travel plans will have her coming in towards noon.  Big problem — but fortunately, the boss is working from home tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, father and son are in the living room.  I’m done with the chores — or whatever of it I chose to do tonight.  (Those that can wait will have to wait for until tomorrow.)  I will be getting ready to literally hit the sack soon.  I want to be fresh for tomorrow’s interview.

With my boss’s search for a replacement for me progressing rather well, I think people are worried about me… more worried about my situation than I am worried about it.  It’s not complacency or overconfidence — I guess I’m just not stressing out over it because I know I’ll be taken cared of.  While some of the choices I went through seem to have not panned out, I know that in time, something will come.  I am just afraid that it might even come to a point that I would have to make a choice between conflicting offers.  Which way will I go?  I’ll cross the bridge when I get there.  (I have been meaning to write a blogpost about the various choices that I might find myself faced with.  Perhaps writing about it will help me see the opportunities more objectively.)

Time to sleep. Nite nite!