The Job Hunt

Last Friday, I headed out to Grand Central for another job interview.  This is my fourth already.  I thought I’d start writing about it to help flesh out my options.  None have come back with a response yet.  I’m continuing to look for other opportunities but I think responses will start getting back to me.  One or two will probably pass up on me, but at least one will say yes.  My dilemma is if more than one does and I end up having to make a choice.  Right now, though, I don’t have a clear picture of where I’m headed.

Meanwhile, the boss has been screening applicants for my replacement and has actually zeroed in on a top candidate.  (I’m actually meeting with her later today.)  She is now concerned that she might find a replacement before I can actually find a new opportunity.  Although it seems like there is much uncertainty on my end at this point, I’m confident something will turn up.  In fact I’m still interviewing, with one hopefully happening tomorrow, and another taking place on Wednesday.

Should I be panicking?  I’m trying not to.  There are so many things happening around me I don’t think I have the luxury of indulging in that.  So where am I at?

Possible Boss #1 is a new Vice President for Human Resources in the company essentially now handling the job that used to be assigned to two vice-presidents.  Type A personality, seemingly pleasant, carrying the burden of learning the business, the industry and his new world, I think he sees value in my two year and four months tenure here.  He has also seen my mind at work as he told me that he had gotten a temp upon my advice, since he and I have gotten acquainted from his interview to his hiring.

Possible Boss #2 is a numbers guy who works in the Marketing field.  He is a laid back and very mild mannered man who is essentially the second in command of a firebrand of an officer (the same level as the current boss).  Sort of the yin to the boss’s yang, I wouldn’t mind working for this gentleman but there’s overflow expected from the big boss.  Not that I mind — their location also appeals to me because they are in Manhattan.  I did see him a week after we interviewed and have not heard back so I am thinking that like #1, perhaps they have decided otherwise.

Possible Boss #3 is a guy who’s out of the office more than he’s here — and who interviewed me with the Chief of Staff of his direct boss who will be working with his assistant when he’s not around.  The business environment was appealing because I have some old colleagues from HR who had moved to this line of business, and his reputation is that he’s a very easy going person.  I heard he has already asked about me and while I would’ve preferred he asked someone else, I don’t think what has been said would be damaging to my chances of working with him.

Possible Bosses #4a & 4b had an opening for a position that was advertised as supporting a group of people in a new department in the same line of business my boss and I are currently in.  They seem to be a dynamic group, more laid back, and they got my attention when they said that they expected the group assistant to help them with a lot of powerpoint presentations.  (A favorite software I have worked with to do magic in a previous life!)

I do have a few more openings to explore.  Someone in Legal is interested to talk to me and there’s a longstanding opening for Assistant to the Corporate Secretary.  I’ve been holding off on that due to “stories” about how tough a job it is, but my boss has encouraged me to go for that one.  The endorsement of the Chief of Staff of the company COO likewise gave me pause to reconsider it.  So yes, I’m scheduled to interview.

It’s been a long wait.  My first interview was three weeks ago and I haven’t heard anything from the two gentlemen I’ve spoken with despite my thank you note.  The third and fourth interviews took place last week.  My boss is beginning to worry I might not find a job to slide into after she finds a replacement and she has already short listed.

Just have to wait and see..