Just plain tired

It’s 6:13 and I’m still here.  Just to show you how terribly busy I’ve been, this is the first blog post I’ve done all day.  I’ve been running all over the place interviewing, talking to people, trying to do the things I normally do for the current boss (yes, I still work for her, unfortunately), and then trying to set things up for THE move.

I got a job offer (yipee!) — actually got the informal offer the other day, the formal offer last night, and the follow up (“Just making sure you got the note..”) call from the boss-to-be this morning, and yes, I’m all set.  I’m actually VERY excited by it, and I just can’t wait to move out of here and move into my new space.  (Talk about a big sigh of relief!)

But I’m all pooped and wishing the boss would get up to leave.  Not anytime soon it seems.  She’s still in her office in a meeting.  At least she’s out tomorrow so that gives me time to get things done.  I’m just going through the motions before we bid our final farewell.  I could walk out now as it’s past 6:15 but I want to be able to tell her in person about the offer I have already accepted.  I know she will be relieved to hear that because she’s almost done replacing me — and what a pityful sight I would be if I were still desperately scrambling for work by the time the new person is on board.

I knew it was all a matter of time.. and I knew I’d get the right person.  This is actually Boss to be No.3 who interviewed me a week ago and has been screening actively since.  I guess either he’s pretty desperate for an assistant (the last one had left more than a week ago) or he just didn’t want to lose out on the pool of candidates who were all actively interviewing.  He had sought the opinion of someone I’m working with right now and who had obviously said something to the effect that he ought to probe on my organization skills, but despite that, he chose me. 

I give him credit for his zeal in trying to get this right.  I wasn’t even uncomfortable closing out the other opportunities — two of who have made me wait for three weeks now.  Despite the fact that they are still screening, I can only imagine that they didn’t find me satisfactory enough to have closed the deal after seeing one or two more afterwards.  I understand.  It’s open season right now, so they would go with whoever they thought was a good fit.

So tomorrow I will write them and tell them I’ve found a new boss.. now, if only I could find the opportunity to tell this one the news, then I can proclaim it to all and sundry.