Those Tiny Sewing Kits

Alan and I do our fair share of travelling, and one thing I always make sure I get from the hotel rooms is the sewing kit that the bigger hotels furnish their rooms with.  I find them handy and a real life saver, like yesterday when a button popped out of my pants just as I was about to leave the house.  I make sure to try and keep one in my desk drawer at work, and if I have a big enough bag, one in its pockets, and tucked somewhere in my wallet if I am carrying one.  (These days, I carry a small red purse in my bigger tote.)

So the Pinay New Yorker urges you to grab that the next time you find it in the toiletries supplied by the hotel.  Forget about the shampoo and conditioner or lotion unless it’s a special brand or you collect them — if you want to be always ready, this is the perfect first aid kit for clothing mishaps.