I love my Mom

Now that I’m a mother myself, I feel even closer to my Mom who is with me again for at least another 5 months before she has to return to Manila.  We have always been close although I am really a Daddy’s Girl. 

Seeing her taking care of my son with such love is something I cherish.

My mom is a woman of courage and ambition.  Although she came from humble beginnings, she made sure her children got the best education possible given our means.  She always encouraged us to better ourselves by giving us the chance to enroll in dance and music school, and moderated but not restricted our extra curricular activities.  She was always supportive and applauding us from the sidelines.

I know that she is here because of me and more importantly, Angel.  That is a big sacrifice on her part but one she is doing out of love.  Love that only a mother truly knows.  I am so lucky that she has been a guiding light in my life — even if in my earlier years she had to work hard to give us a good life.  Motherhood now is something that comes second nature to me because I learned firsthand from an expert at it — my own Mom.


Just because..

Security called me at around 10AM today to tell me there were flowers for me.. (ME??!!)  Yes, he said, for me.  I went down thinking it might be for the boss or something, but it turns out it was a beautiful arrangement from my honey. 

He wrote:

Dear Bu —

Surprise!!! Just because… Just wanted you to know that little bu and I appreciate all that you do.  We love you! 

Dada Bu and Little Bu

I’m speechless. =)  Totally made my day.  Little perks like this make it all worthwhile!

Trying to stay positive

I had started typing a post yesterday which looking at it now, is way too negative it convinced me it was not worth giving vent to in my blog.  So instead of going back to finish what is a good sized posting, I have decided to delete it and try to stay positive instead.

It seems that besides praying, staying positive is just about the best I can do.  I’m settling down to my new job, but still tying up some last loose ends.  I finally submitted something to the system and I’ve washed my hands of it.  It was not easy bouncing it around the past couple of months but now it’s done!  Feeling ko nabunutan ako ng tinik sa dibdib.  (I am tempted to translate but I think it’s not going to come out coherent.. LOL)

As I said, one of those things that I just need to get off my plate.  It can get stressful doing things you want so desperately to get away from, but they’re done.  Finally..


Craft Report: Found my cross stitch thread guide

I have a cross stitch project I have been working on for the last year and a half.. it has lain untouched in the bedroom the past couple of months because I misplaced my threadguide.  The cross stitch pattern was there, but I had lost the thread guide to help me with which thread to use.  I was working off of a color photocopy of the original pattern which I couldn’t find either.

Yesterday I spent a few minutes up in the attic looking for the photo print outs of my Paris trip for the scrapbook when lo and behold, there it was, not even tucked beneath other things but just inside a suitcase containing some of my things — the original of the pattern I needed.

I haven’t gotten back to work just yet, but I definitely intend to finish this before the year is out.  If I can have it framed before the new year, it will be perfect.  Finally finishing it!

Too short a long weekend

The sun is almost completely down even though it’s just 13 minutes past 4 in the afternoon.  Such are our late afternoons here in the winter in New York where we see the night sky as early as 5PM.  It’s not that unbearably cold outside.  Alan and I went out to pick up lunch and get the panoramic pictures I had taken in Paris.  I don’t know if it was just the atmosphere then which was mostly muggy and cloudy (it was, after all, end February) — or because the photo lab technician tried to improve the pictures, but they came out with a brownish hue which accentuated the old architecture of the Louvre and the copperish steel color of the Eiffel tower.  So I’m not complaining.

My scrapbook?  I’m getting along, and will be putting together the photos for the first part which makes up the first day I explored Paris on my own.  (Alan was still in meetings..)  Meanwhile, the weekend has ended.  Four days — can I have four more?

It’s going to be a hectic next few days as deadlines are here.  I am also trying to clean up all my loose ends with the old job.  We would’ve wanted to get into the holiday mode here at home but we weren’t able to get the new vertical blinds (although we made it as far as the blinds store — if only the line wasn’t THAT long!), and neither were we able to decorate the house.  I might yet fiddle with my parol tonight and get it working, but I need to work on a third of the lamps which don’t flicker anymore.  I bought this kapampangan parol back when I went home in 2002 and every year, it is the landmark sign of our unit when we invite friends over because we are the only ones who have it.

If I can pull it off, I will make small white parols to hang from the windows facing the courtyard.  That should take a day to make, then I need to figure out how to light them.  Alan leaves for a business trip next Saturday, but with or without our christmas tree, I will start decorating.

We were all getting dressed to take a drive to nowhere in particular as a family when Angel started acting up and sure enough, it was because he was sleepy.  The boy is snoring away on his roll away sofa in the living room.  There goes our drive.  He’s been a doll, but as I told a cousin, he looks like a two year old and is starting to act like one.. !  (Remember those terrible twos??!!!)

Too short a weekend, indeed.  The next holiday will be the day after Christmas which is a month away, then the day after New Year.  (Both days fall on a Sunday this year..)  We’re not going anywhere.. it’s always nice to just “chill” here in the house.

I did get to accomplish a few things this long weekend besides get some major rest.  I found my cross stitch thread guide for the tapestry of Our Lady of Perpetual Help I’ve been working on for over a year now.  While I cannot get to that until the coming weekend, it’s heartening to think that I will finally be able to finish the project and hopefully get that framed and hung on our common hallway between the bedrooms before the New Year.

It’s been a good weekend.. we didn’t do any Christmas shopping but we’ve started thinking about it.  We’ll just take a day off sometime middle of the month to do it all in one day, instead of stressing with the rest of mankind in the malls this Thanksgiving weekend.  We chose to stay home and give thanks for the blessing of our family — and give thanks indeed, we did.

Champorado on a Saturday afternoon

I have some leftover malagkit here from an attempt to make some biko ages ago.  (I can’t even remember when..)  Mom had bought a tub of Hershey’s Cocoa even before she left in April this year to return to Manila with the idea to make me some champorado.  Well, we finally had champorado this afternoon and all I can say is it’s soooo yummy!

I grew up in a household where we had good champorado, ginataang mais, ginataang halohalo, pancit, and all the good stuff merienda is made of.  Mom even made maja blanca before, I used to make palitaw, and we always had access to the goodies from sapin-sapin to the mango cream pie of Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

I was trying to make Angel taste the champorado, but he’s been torn between lying down to nap (which he hasn’t done yet), and playing around now that everyone is just lounging around here at home.

These are the foods that I want my son to grow up with … even if the champorado means the pre-packaged boxed champorado.  And there’s always biko, cassava cake and suman from the Filipino stores.

Feedback: On Scrapbooking

Here’s another comment from my friend, Lani:

You know what D, I also want to start scrapbooking (digital or manual). I actually joined a digital scrapbooking e-group but unfortunately I wasn’t able to download those free templates offered by some of my co-members.

This December I plan to start my (manual)scrapbooking.

Happy scrapbooking, sweetie and please give me naman some tips on scrapbooking (hehehe).

Lani, the idea has got me hooked.  I spend most of my free time browsing through scrapbooking sites to get ideas and to surf sites offering free resources.  Being crafty, I also have stocks of notions and odds and ends I’m trying to use for my first project.

Although I had initially thought I would get away with not using scrapbooking paper and downloading scrapbook printables and piecing together available patterns into the 12×12 sheets I need, I think you have to be ready to spend for the basic paper stock as well.  (I already succumbed and bought a bunch although I continue to piece together patterned sheets.  They can be expensive here at anywhere from $.30 to $.99 per sheet!  Basic cardstock though is like construction paper but selling for something like $5.00 for 20 sheets, depending on the type/color.)  The key is choosing your color scheme.  I’m going more for the darker shades of the primary colors, with a mix of beige and other earth tones.

Here are some free scrapbooking sites.  You will have to be ready to print when you go to them, though, because they are mostly non-savable (sp?) resources.

One site that will allow you to save your background packages is Scrapbookscrapbook.com .  You will need to download the Efax Viewer which isn’t really a hassle, and you can have a pick of quite a selection of backgrounds from the tartan patterns I wrote about to floral prints including etoile, and paper textures.

Hewlett Packard has it’s own Activity Center which will allow you to print various projects from scrapbooks to cards and picture frames, but it will not allow you to save.

You won’t believe the various scrapbooking sites devoted to the hobby and you can get a ton of ideas from them.  Good luck and keep sharing!