Feedback : On Postcards

On October 28, Darryl visited and wrote:

Check out ebay for vintage Philippines postcards. Most of them go for a couple of bucks but not more than $15. Just type in Philippines Postcard under search. Actually just to look at the photos of the postcards is fascinating. Wish You Well.

San Francisco

(Darryl is actually one of the people I’ve had the fortune of meeting thanks to this WebLog.) 

Darryl, yes, I buy from Ebay and actually have a modest collection of vintage Philippine postcards.  I’ve confined my collecting interests to (1) anything New York (meaning both vintage and modern, art and sidewalk type), (2) anything from the Philippines (again both vintage and modern), Maps and Lighthouses from all over the world, and scenescapes from other countries.

The vintage Philippine postcards in my collection have a different kind of sentimental value to me because they speak of the Old Philippines we know of only through history books and stories of old.  I was lucky to have acquired a linen postcard of my old college campus (Rizal Hall of the University of the Philippines, Manila), and right now I am taking particular interest in those depicting the Filipino in earlier times. 

Alas, my postcard collecting is on hold.  I usually find myself taking a haitus from time to time, more so now that so many things need attention.  I try to take care of my collection as best I can — and I still dream of one day bringing them alive online.

Hope the vacation to Italy and Paris went well.  Inggit ako sa iyo!  I am hoping to go back to Paris come January or February.  With my mom back to help with the baby, I can now plan a trip with Alan again.  Did I share with you how we send postcards back to Angel just so when he’s older, he’ll be inspired to go to the same places and see the world through our eyes the first time we went there.  Be it to a local destination stateside or overseas, I make sure Alan does that each time.

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