Busy as can be

You know I’ve been very busy when you see a day go by wihtout a post here.  So I’m trying to catch up.

I had to send off the boss yesterday — she leaves for Hong Kong Sunday.  Gone for a week!  (Much needed respite from the bitchiness of it all for me..)  So I’m concentrating on cleaning up my space and getting ready for “THE” move.  Can’t be soon enough..

She has been very irritating of late.  I guess she just can’t wait to get me out of the floor, the same way I’ve been itching to move on.  Going through the motions..  the best part of which is that I’ve moved on.  There were documents to edit, meetings to schedule.. (yes, she’s away for a week but meanwhile, she needs to make sure she lands running when she return on the 14th.).. preparing my replacement.

The daring woman who has accepted the job is starting on the 14th.  She’s currently on a long-term temp assignment which, any way you look it, is still “Temp-ing”.  They gave her the minimum of her desired salary range which isn’t really too bad considering it puts her just $200 shy of my current rate.  Given what she’s walking into, she should be given more but hey, it’s a free country.  They offered her the job, I was upfront about the challenges, they gave her the price and she accepted.  It’s not like we twisted her arm coming in.

While it won’t be my problem anymore if she doesn’t last, I’d like to be optimistic thinking she will.  We’ll just have to wait and see.