Been away too long

I was writing an e-mail to an Aunt and Uncle I had lost touch with for the past few years and as I was telling them when I was home last (in 2002), the fact hit me that I hadn’t seen my Dad since then.  It’s now 3 years.. he just turned 70 this year and isn’t exactly in good health.  I guess having Angel and all just distracted me but I do need to go home soon.  This year is out — but I have to make a plan to go home next year.

Right now I really don’t know when that will be — but I have to go home.  As Mom said, I should do that now that Dad’s still up and about, and not when he is already at his deathbed.  At his age, we really don’t know how his health would be this time around next year.

Christmas would be a lovely time to go home but somehow I feel that would be too late in the year to go.  So now I’m trying to see what is the most feasible time to do that, given Mom’s schedule with us and how my new job pans out.  For once, I think I can actually plan a long vacation.  It’s WHEN that I need to figure out.

Mom exits in April and hopes to return in July.  The way I see it, I can either go home with her in April, or go to Manila just before she returns and return with her in tow.  June wouldn’t be a bad time to go, I think.. We can also get the benefit of the 4th of July weekend perhaps.  It’s all a blur but somehow I know now that I’m not going to Paris this January.

It’s a thought that makes me sigh but hey, it’s definitely worth the trade off if it means going home to see Dad, and maybe he can finally meet my little boy.

When everything seems to be moving too fast..

.. I sit down and try to do something to help ease the tension like write.  (So that’s what I’m doing now.) 

I’m cleaning up my space and trying to move on.  Meanwhile, I have a few loose ends to continue to tie up with the old job.  Next week is a transition phase for us — we are going to finally really move on.  I can’t wait.

Yesterday I got caught up getting my scrapbook stuff together, creating little stickers from address tags by actually doing the artwork on word.  They came out pretty nice and I’m happy.  Why would I have to buy them when I can make them?  Scrapbook project is on hold today so I can get some work done.  There are a lot of things I need to file in the system and I want them done today.

I started my day by cleaning out my personal bin here and hopefully getting to transfer them to a bin downstairs.  If not, I will move the box and just leave it there in my boss’s room for now.  I meant to do it little by little but moving might be an issue.  I’m practically done.  My personal bin is right about empty.  Now if I can just get some place to stash my stuff into downstairs.  Someone is still in my area.

They might get a move order soon to have my cube downstairs finally vacated– and soon is never soon enough. 

The new and old boss are both away so it’s a little quiet.  I got a note from the old boss saying she was hitting the sack and would be up early.  She should give it a rest!  Can’t wait to get out of here.. okay, time to get back to work.