Feedback: from a fellow UP Manilan

From Annabanana who got here through Lani’s blog:

hello! clicked the link from lani’s blog to get here. so you’re from UP Manila, pareho pala tayo…Rizal Hall din ako, behavioral studies circa late 80s…i wonder if our paths had crossed?
anyway, have a good weekend! 😀

Okay, time to fess up.  My student number starts with 83-XXXXX, so I guess there’s a pretty good chance that yes, our paths had crossed.  Also, I was there at the “inception” of Behavioral Studies — so I was there when the first few batches came in.  I didn’t see the light until 89 when I switched loyalties to the Jesuits and decided to subject myself to the torture of law school, so unless you lurked somewhere really hidden, we would’ve bumped into each other.

I was a Devt studies major (what is that?!) and was a member of the UP Lightbearers.  (Again, what’s that?!)  I was also part of the Mag-aaral para sa Kaunlaran party — won once as Rep-at-Large in the AS Student Council elections.  I hung out with Melvin Claros, Bobby Rivera, Vic de Guzman, etc. My bestfriend, though, was Fe Siton, an Econ major who left for law school earlier than I did.

Hmmm.. can you place me now?  Thanks for stopping by.. it’s always great bumping into people who shared something common with me in one way or another..


Inconsiderate calls on a Sunday

I got a call from the (soon-to-be Ex) boss at 3PM while we were making our way through the aisles of Target doing our weekend sundries shopping.  Hmmm.. soon as I saw the missed call indication on my cell, I knew it was trouble.  So I wondered what it could possibly be as I dialed the number and heard her voice on the other end.

Her Saturday FedEx package did not arrive.  (Would I have been able to do something about it today even if I could considering it was a Sunday and we were both going to be in the office tomorrow anyway?)  So I rocked my brain trying to remember.  I know for certain I prepared the package.  I put it on the rolling tray I pushed down to my new cubicle on the 3rd floor when I left our floor (10th). 

I am almost certain I left the cube with it because I remember clutching it as I had a bag on the right and a bag on my left shoulder (purse and then the laptop on the other), and I had to detour to the other exit to make sure I passed by the FedEx drop off point.  I do not remember putting it down on the FedEx rack, but I am almost certain I did, because I went out through the turnstile closest to it.  All this aggravation because the boss was inconsiderate enough to have called on a Sunday when I wasn’t at work, and again, when I surely would not have been a position to do anything.

If FedEx botched the next day priority delivery it wouldn’t be the first time.  If I had mistakenly left it on the 3rd floor, it has happened before.  Still, it could’ve waited.  It’s not something I could’ve done something about..  I guess this is one reason I’m working for someone else beginning Wednesday.  And Wednesday just can’t come soon enough!

I’m trying to distinctly remember having put it down  — somehow the part where I walked out of the elevator is blacked out of my mind right down to when I put my ID against the reader and the turnstile opened.

It might be on the third floor.. it might not.. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.