My first day

You know that my world has been hectic when you don’t see the blog updated daily as I’m wont to do when things are “normal” — (Normal being still busy, but not chaotic.)  Monday and Tuesday hardly saw me online because I had to relinquish my computer to my replacement.  She got her laptop last night so I’m a happy camper here in my new space, trying to get settled in and enjoying every minute of it!

The boss is out today but he called to say hello and ask how things were going.  He also happily mentioned he had gotten me a flat screen monitor (something we don’t really get automatically here) which would be arriving anytime soon.  So I’m thinking I’ll just abandon the request for a black laser printer — maybe the dot matrix color printer will do.  I can always network to the color laser printers on the floor anyway.

I was going to start getting ready to go but decided I needed to do an update here.  Something I’ve been meaning to do since Monday but have been unable to due to everything that’s been going on. 

My scrapbooking project has been progressing well, I think.  I’ve started to formally gather everything I want to use, but I realize now that like a book that needs to have a cohesive storyline, I need to start planning how that scrapbook will be like.  I have the pictures, the artwork, the materials and embellishments — but I need to be able to tie everything together into a unifying look that will enable me to use everything to the max.

I must say I’ve found it very enjoyable.  I am not spending a fortune on creating this but I know it will be a good one.  It is all the more meaningful to me now that I have decided to forego my planned January trip to Paris because I am now planning to go home to the Philippines instead. ( * Sigh *)  So I am immersing myself in my scrapbooking project just to relive the joy of Paris — and here’s to hoping Alan gets to go there again end of 2006 so I can take that long-delayed second visit to the City of lights.