Headache on a Thursday

I took an Advil gel cap to ward off this big headache invading my head today.  I managed to distract myself momentarily when I went into the new boss’s office and tried to put a semblace of order into his drawers and cabinets.  It was a relief to see that he was not paper heavy — although he has a sizeable stack of files.  The man has taste as far as office accessories are concerned, and I know now that he loves coffee.  (Found a stash of Starbucks paperbags in his mini drawer.)

I saw his file on the applicants he screened for my position and saw an annotation on my resume: “good potential”.  I guess he liked what he saw and decided to go my way.  I’m trying very hard to get things in order and make it a good start for both of us.  I am still burdened by some tasks I need to tie up for the old boss, but I’m already sinking my teeth into our little world here.

Meanwhile I’m trying to battle the head ache.  It’s just almost 2PM but I think I will start cleaning up and hopefully getting out of here at 5PM flat.  Hopefully.