I have been busy with my scrapbook

I just realized now that I have been busy posting in my Pinay Francophile blog and have been unable to post here since Friday.  Well, the scrapbooking bug has hit, and I thought that before I start working on additional embellishments or paper, I better set something down here.

I’m trying to hide in my little corner here on my new floor.  I want to enjoy the silence — the new boss is out on vacation all week, and next week, I think he forgot to tell me that he won’t be around on Monday.  Then again, I think he just moved a meeting which means he will be.  I really want him around, though, because we haven’t had the chance to bond except for Friday since I started here.  I guess his schedule will take some getting used to considering he’s always on the road.  (Which is something which really appealed to me when I applied to be his assistant.)

In the meantime, I’m trying to get some work done while trying to tie up loose ends with the old boss.  (Yes, that one again..)  I’m waiting for a call from them but it has been quiet.  I know they want something from me but no one has called, so they’re probably driving themselves nuts trying to find some paperwork I have.  Mean old me, I’m waiting for the call instead of coming forward.  Sometimes I realize I have not been that good an assistant to the old boss after all, considering the lapses and my shortcomings.  Some, for the most part, were caused by the strain in our relationship and the way we worked as boss and assistant.  I feel no remorse at this point really.  I’m just sitting here trying to do my job as best as I can for the new boss.

There is a marked difference in the way I’ve been handling my work here in my new position.  There is less stress and overall, I feel good about coming to work.  Mondays are no longer dreadful, and I can rest easy during the weekends knowing I need not fear my phone ringing with the old boss’s caller ID.  (Although yesterday her new assistant called me to ask for the number for the car service as she had to cancel a request they had made during the previous week.. now why didn’t she think of putting the numbers on her phone like I did?)

I have been trying to gt started with work but have managed to get preoccupied with little things this morning.  This afternoon, I’m working hard all day.  Have to — I want to go into the long weekend knowing I’m good as far as my deliverables are concerned so I can enjoy it. 

Piecing together my artwork and paper into scrapbook sheets has been rather tedious but very rewarding.  My precision point knife has been most helpful.  I now want to concentrate on getting little borders or frames to put my text in.  There are many resources online and so far, I’m happy with the things I’ve gotten.  Just need more print outs.

Last week I was able to download some free fonts from online servers offering them which were attuned to the theme of my scrapbook.  I have been good keeping away from expenses but I need a self healing mat because cutting on top of magazines I was throwing out is a little difficult when I’m doing 12×12 pieces on a smaller cutting surface.  (That’s on my to-do list this weekend.. will pay my local craft store a visit!)

So that’s my scrapbook update.. for the specific scrapbook update, visit my Pinay Francophile blog in the link below, or click the link on the left side of this page.


Feedback: On Going Home come 2006

Over the weekend, my webfriend Lani wrote:

Dinna, it’s also cold here in Pinas and sarap matulog. I’m happy na may bagong boss ka na.

Paris can wait but you must see your dad first. Super miss ka na noon at katuwa magkikita na ang mag-lolo.

Take care!

I’ll say it again.. one of the rewards of blogging has been coming across kindred spirits like Lani here.  (We have an off-and-on web conversation going..)

You’re so right in saying Paris can wait, Lani.  So in the meantime, I’m just immersing myself in creating my Paris scrapbook, which in a sense is a vicarious vacation or return to Paris as I discovered it this year.  Besides, if I’m lucky, I might yet get to go back sometime towards the latter part of next year.  Just that January is totally out now.

I really don’t mind.  While Alan and I haven’t quite decided yet on the exact time frame of our homecoming, I’m already in the pasalubong mode, thinking of how I will start stashing pasalubong to bring home.  The last time I went home in December 2002, I started buying as early as October.  I have quite a headstart now since the earliest we would be able to do it is late April, possibly hitting Angel’s second birthday on May 8.

It is a long overdue visit to my Dad.  I spoke with him over the weekend and I had to bite my tongue because I want this homecoming to be a surprise.  (Thank God he has no net access whatsoever, so I’m blabbing here knowing he won’t find out! LOL)  And yes, I cannot wait for grandson and grandpa to meet — finally.